The world of pop music is desperately waiting for the first studio album by cartoon band GORILLAZ since 2011 and it might arrive sooner than you think (not 2017 as originally intended). The guys have been quite active on their social media over the past months, reflecting on the career of the project by cartoonist Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn so far while also providing new original stories on the whereabouts of all four fictional band members in the past years. So, a visit to the band’s Instagram account really pays off.

So far so good but the guys from DIY now might have found the latest part of the social media puzzle. According to them various Reddit users have noticed that the band’s guitarist Noodle has set up a profile on famous online dating website OKCupid, which is linked to her Instagram account. A short message appeared: ‘Ready? 12:11’, signed off with the initials D.A – which, well, could mean Damon Albarn himself is responsible for this. A screenshot of the whole scenery can be found below. The profile picture was later changed to one of Albarn before ultimately removed. So, yes, this could be hoax but maybe not. And always remember that we live in an age where surprise release are the new thing and if a band should do it than rather the ones who were pioneers on that digital field, right?

The question remains – will the new GORILLAZ LP come out on November 12 or – more likely – on December 12? Or maybe even next year? It’s getting warmer and warmer and we’re pretty sure about to find out soon.