Grimes - Press 2015

We’ve been waiting a while now for the new studio album by Canadian pop star Claire Boucher aka GRIMES but now it looks like the follow-up to 2012’s Visions is closer. Now only did GRIMES just announce a new American tour but a new interview with Dazed hints on a surprise release next month.

Interviewer Owen Meyers is quoted with the following words: ‘Boucher can’t reveal the final name of the album, planning to make this announcement the day before it hits iTunes in October.’

Boucher furthermore states: ‘Lyrically, it’s more political and less abstract than before. Like, really trippy free association about nature and shit.’ So, now officially confirmation yet but since it’s a surprise release you can’t really wait for it either. Enjoy her track REALiTi from earlier this year right here.