heroic acts at roskilde festival 2013

16 heroic acts to see at Roskilde Festival 2013

Not only is Roskilde Festival one of the biggest and best festivals of Europe, it features one of the most heroic musical line-ups this side of the Atlantic.  In the eight days of the festival, the hero-density will be at the maximum in Roskilde. Why? Because old and new vanguards of the music scene will come together to play for a massive amount of people, in the middle of the Danish countryside. Distinguished by the “Orange Feeling,” Roskilde has a history of bringing huge acts, and breaking new ones. Here are the heroes NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION recommends, for all you regular humans attending.


Canadian electronic duo will be one of our live act heroes this year, with shows that tend to be combustible. Come see frontwoman Alice Glass go nuts and jump around while Ethan Kath supports the band’s distinctive dark electro soundtrack. Think of what you would listen to if you lived in the movie Blade Runner.



Heroes of darkness. The London-based neoclassical dark-wave band by Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry that started thirty years ago, is definitely one of the acts of the scene, legends in their own right. Everyone who is into darker tunes should make sure to not miss DEAD CAN DANCE’s performance.



Hero of creativity.  Since years he amazes people with massive output that ranges from heavy metal, power metal, classical music, opera to rock and pop music. Wherever DEVIN TOWNSEND got is creativity and power from, this is for sure: he is a genius.  His show at Roskilde Festival a must-see.



The anti-hero. Former BLACK FLAG frontman who has distinguished himself the past twenty years with spoken word that goes from raw and confrontational to comedy to accusatory.  Check in to see what this intelligent opinionator has to say about a range of topics.



A young guy singing like an old hero. With his special voice and style, JAKE BUGG has gotten very popular within a short time. While still young, he has already played the biggest shows and festivals.  JAKE BUGG is an amiable singer-songwriter who is sure to be legendary hero in years to come.



Our young hero straight outta Compton. This young M.C. released his debut album, Good Kid, M. A. A. D. City, released 2012, to all kinds of acclaim. We’ve seen this lyricist/hip hop master alongside established acts like DR. DRE, JAY-Z, DRAKE and YOUNG JEEZY. Go see him, and we promise not to kill this his vibe.



It doesn’t have to be said that KRAFTWERK are the act that influenced electronic music worldwide, right? There might be no musician who deals with electronic sounds who would say that KRAFTWERK wouldn’t be important. Now the superheroes of electronic music are coming to Roskilde. Be there!



Heroes of metal and therapy. Playing their only European date, this band can be credited with making metal mainstream with the Black Album. They can also be credited with exposing inner band dynamics from the documentary Some Kind of Monster. We won’t even talk about about the file-sharing lawsuit. Put all history and what your previously know aside, and come see what thirty years of a heavy metal lifestyle looks like.



Indie to mainstream crossover heroes. Anchored by Matt Berninger’s baritone voice, THE NATIONAL will bring their earthy and gloomy sound to the big stage at Roskilde Festival. Set your heart to hearbreak.



No matter if Dave Grohl will join the show or not. And no matter if any other hero of their latest all star album, …Like Clockwork, will join QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE on stage, even without Grohl, Trent Reznor, Jake Shears, Brody Dalle and Elton John: their show will be legendary.



RIHANNA, the hero-queen of pop will shine like diamonds in the sky at Roskilde. Sure, it seems like she’s alone in the line-up, because she is a major (and successful) female pop act.  Famous as much for her music as for scandals and devil-may-care party attitude, RIHANNA is one of the most important musicians today. Love it or hate it, this set promises to be the most attended at Roskilde. If she starts less than two hours late, as seems to be standard.



The heroes of atmospheric soundscapes are coming to Roskilde. Although they are playing a lot of the major festivals this year to promote their new album Kveikur, it can be assumed that SIGUR RÓS’ show at Roskilde Festival will be one of the highlights for both the festival and the band.



For a long time SLIPKNOT have been one of the biggest myths of metal music. Band members with masks, an insane live show and music that – for a long time – has been the non-plus-ultra of brutality. At least once in your life you have to see this band live.



The grandfathers of thrash and hardcore, go be a hero in this pit. To quote frontman Mike Muir “Sometimes you gotta fight with your body, sometimes you gotta fight with your mind.”  Touring in support of 13, their latest studio album of new material, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES promises to bring thirty plus years of experience, direct from Venice Beach to Denmark.



Even in times when the internet didn’t exist, TURBONEGRO went viral. There is no other band that has an own youth movement like they have. The Turbojugend (Turbo Youth) will come together at Roskilde to see their heroes.



This Danish metal band grew huge within the last years and headline major festivals now. Simply because they exactly know how to get people and how to make them their followers. Definitely a must-see for fans of harder tunes.


article by Robert Helbig and Kika Jonsson