Hydras DreamSlow and steady – the night comes and embraces us all. And Hypothermia sounds quite like a metaphor for the creeping darkness. This haunting tune by HYDRAS DREAM is the latest ‘sound of the night’ on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. And it’s a perfect one for this scenario.

HYDRAS DREAM is another interesting act of the acclaimed Denovali Records label. It’s a special collaboration between Swedish musicians ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF and MATTI BYE. They joined forces for a concept album called The Little Match Girl. The album is a musical reconstruction of the beautiful and melancholic story by H.C. Andersen which goes by the same title. The two musicians on their choice: ‘It was her tragic faith in the winter’s cold that inspired us. She is freezing to death with no money and no comfort, she is all alone, dreaming of a warmer place. When death strikes her she is filled with magical illusions and dreams. Oddly enough, hypothermia and death are the only two comfort zones we experience in this story. Sad but beautiful.’

Indeed it is. And it might be the thing to experience the full album. But for now we stick with this little glimpse of darkness. Enjoy it very much.