Inner Tongue - Fallen Empire


You might remember that we introduced you to the sound of a mysterious new pop project called INNER TONGUE a while ago. Well, it’s not that mysterious anymore, now that we know that there’s an EP coming out in May, called Tz, Ka and we also got a visual ID from the young Austrian artist via his first video for Fallen Empire. He apparently also shared a little background story about how INNER TONGUE came into being. It involves a severe sickness and can be read f.e. over at the almighty Guardian, which also showed some interest in his music lately. As you can see: Somehow, this project remains to be mysterious. But the clip is sunny and happy in a weird way, so let’s just stick to that.

Why should I watch this?

Obviously because you’re fan of tennis, frames or the music – somewhere in between CHET FAKER, SOHN and maybe also a little Neon Golden-touch from THE NOTWIST? Oh, and because if you want to finally know what the gentleman behind INNER TONGUE looks like. And especially how he looks when he’s attending a tennis match against hisself. It’s definitely no ordinary match we witness right here. But what did you expect from an artist that likes to define his music as ‘hypnotic understatement pop,’ right?

Anything else?

Tz, Ka, the first EP by INNER TONGUE will be released on May 15 and he’s also going on tour with GET WELL SOON. We have a pretty strong feeling that this won’t be the last time we heard from the Austrian lad and his alter ego. Wouldn’t be the worst thing anyway, don’t you agree?