Inner Tongue

We know, it gets harder and harder to imagine this but sometimes knowing nothing is a wonderful thing. Ignorance becomes a special bliss, especially when it comes to music. Remember when you first heard about mysterious neo soul project RHYE and couldn’t figure out whether it was a woman or a man singing… or maybe even SADE? Or years ago when you desperately googled for information about BURIAL only to find out that there was none; or at least not much? A lack of information gives us the freedom to listen without prejudice and let the music do the talking.

INNER TONGUE is the latest artist to join the long line of acts without further information when it comes to their music. It’s a young man, that much is for sure but we can’t really tell whether he’s from Bristol or Berlin, from Wisconsin or Vienna. He actually comes from the Austrian capital but even without that information it actually wouldn’t matter. What we know is that he got three songs out in form of a little EP (which you can stream on his Soundcloud account). They are beautiful little pieces of reduced contemporary pop. A promising songwriter and a voice for 2015. So get your hands away from the Google search bar and just click play to let the INNER TONGUE do the talking tonight.