Interpol - Photo by Jelle Wagenaar

Photo by Jelle Wagenaar

Last night New York post-punk trio INTERPOL played their first show in almost three years, headlining the NME tour in Newcastle. And since the band is about to release a new record this summer they of course played new material. Three tracks – My Desire, Anywhere and All The Rage Back Home – found their way into the setlist as well as a lot of classics by the trio.

The yet untitled new record is one of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s most anticipated albums of 2014 and it will be the first one the band produced without bassist Carlos Dengler. He left the band shortly after the recording process of INTERPOL‘s self-titled 2010 album. If you want to know how the band sounds in 2014 find bootleg recordings of two songs below. But of course, don’t expect the best quality.