Kapnorth - The Marshes - VideoWe’re just about to leave you right into the weekend. But there’s one song left you should enjoy on this Friday night. And in the case of Swiss band KAPNORTH and their great new music video The Marshes NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION recommends you to get to know the story behind the clip as well. The track – taken off last year’s debut album Thunder Lightning Storm – comes with a video treatment by filmmaker Gaston Viñas who previously also worked for RADIOHEAD.

KAPNORTH (who were also part of our Nothing But… Melancholia sampler last autumn) in a statement on their new video:

It originally is about personal fears and how we keep them alive ourselves, starting with the humming of mosquitoes in a marshland that lies in the narrators head. Like in a painting the natural elements gather for a harmless composition. But afflicted with fear his fantasy forges a deadly trap out of it. Panic fights reason and prevails step by step. Only a courageous insight can save him from drowning. He finally stops the fight and embraces his fears. The conciliation of two opposed forces gives him the power of both. He climbs out of the swamp and reenters the real world in peace.

Gaston however shows the consequences of a society that passes these fears down generations. The protagonist grows up in a mechanical world, where individuals get uniformed and reduced to their economic efficiency. The important questions in life are systematically oppressed by drugs and the media for their distracting effect on the systems subjects. The subjects however unconsciously keep the system alive with their passive attitude that results from countless fears. Alternative ways of living come with the risk of getting discarded as a misfit.

So, there’s nothing else to add – a timeless theme and a great music video. Enjoy it right here.