Keep Shelly in Athens - Recollection - VideoShortly after the release of their new album At Home, dreampop duo KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS shares the first music video for it. Recollection is the first single from the album which you should listen to on a cozy Sunday as lead singer Sarah P. recently suggested to NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in an interview. The Lamar+Nik directed video does not feature the band but a heart-wrenching story about an abandoned school.

KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS‘ Sarah P on the idea: “We are all made of memories, that we sometimes make look like beautiful bubbles. The thing is that bubbles easily disappear. Maybe other bubbles will show up soon that will also disappear, but the only ones who are left watching is you, me, our friends, our families… and everybody has their own perspective on their bubbles.” Find your perspective right here.