Let's Say We Did - Hello Creatures (2013)

LET’S SAY WE DIDHello Creatures

1. Into Whatever
2. Hey Kid
3. Goodbye!
4. Sound Asleep
5. I Was There Too
6. The Stars Above Looked So Bright And Green
7. Seemingly Unfit
8. Boogey Den

With Stockholm offering such a big and versatile music scene you tend to overlook such pretty newcomer bands like LET’S SAY WE DID. Thank god, it’s one of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s specialities to look a bit closer and give such fine acts a certain room. The five-piece formed in 2008 and quickly made itself a name in the local music scene. With an EP in 2011, their self-titled debut album one year later and the now released sophomore longplayer Hello Creatures, these guys definitely are more from the productive side.

Recorded and produce in their own studio in Stockholm, the longplayer features eight new songs, referencing all different kind of genres and influences – it’s a mixture of lo-fi and wave-influenced indie rock with references to shoegaze or traditional garage rock. Melancholic but also with a certain sense of dynamics within the songs. LET’S SAY WE DID managed to create a very homogeneous but entertaining longplayer that works as a big picture. Starting with pure early 90s lo-fi moments in the opener Into Whatever, the band also gives us slices of early RADIOHEAD (Hey Kid), melancholic lullabies (Sound Asleep) and powerful guitar chords (Seemingly Unfit). Very rough but with a certain feeling. Emotions without useless curlicues.

And after eight songs this journey is already over – and we wouldn’t be surprised if LET’S SAY WE DID will come up with new material sooner than we all think. So, time for these five Swedes to take their place in the spotlight. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents you the official album stream of Hello Creatures.