SAS - pieces of juno - LA -477WEB

Olso collective/ label KOSO has put out some of the coolest stuff to hit our ears over the past year, and we’ve already raved about how much we love PIECES OF JUNO‘s (producer and musician Kine Sandbæk Jensen) single Silver & Gold back in November. Which is why we’re understandably delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new remix of that track by French-born, LA-based producer and electronic sound artist LILLIA BETZ.

BETZ is KOSO’s in-house mastering engineer, having worked on all of the label’s releases to date. And her familiarity with the track allows her to rip it up and drag it in exciting new directions. BETZ takes the lurking, nighttime pop of original and breaks it apart structurally, rebuilding it around harsh, thudding electronic beats. The sombre, menacing atmosphere of the original remains, but is re-engineered as a warped, frantic piece of glitchy club music. Silver & Gold (Lillia Betz Remix) is out tomorrow, Feb 25th, on KOSO and PIECES OF JUNO‘s new Frisson instrumental EP is out next month.