Magnus - Press 2014Sometimes the good old ‘one hand washes the other’-concept is still quite vital in the music industry. Tom Smith, mostly know for being the distinctive voice of indie-rock heroes EDITORS, is a man who follow this credo as well. MAGNUS, a Danish electronic music collaboration between Tom Barman from DEUS and CJ Bolland, previously already provided remixes for Smiths’ band. Just check out NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s recent special about EDITORS remixes to find proof.

And now Mr. Smith is returning the favour by lending his vocals for Singing Man, the new single by MAGNUS. The duo will release their new full-length-record Where Neon Goes To Die in early September. And as if the pumping 80s-influenced synthpop tune itself wasn’t already quite spectacular the music video for it really is. Video artist Sander van de Pavert mixed old VHS footage together and pays tribute to some of the most famous musicians of all time by doing so. See how many you can spot while watching tonight’s ‘Sound of the Night’ right here.