Mogwai - Helicon 1


It’s quite harsh to admit but yeah, it’s that long ago already: Postrock legends MOGWAI are celebrating their 20th birthday these days. In 1995 the guys around Stuart Braithwaite started a band that since then has become one of the most influential rock bands around. Of course that’s a reason to celebrate and MOGWAI do so in their own artistical way. They’ve just announced a greatest hits and rarities record called Central Belters for a release on October 9th and the tracklist is nothing but an example of how much great music these guys have in their catalogue. Check it out in full and preorder it right here. But if that wouldn’t be exciting enough, a new music video has also aired today for the song Helicon 1 which previously only has been featured as an A-side single and on their 1997 compilation record Ten Rapids.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because it instantly puts you right in the middle of MOGWAI‘s beautiful microcosm. It’s a subtle beauty with a nice build-up and it comes with some great visualization by the band’s pal Craig Murray. The director also shared a few words on this precious clip:

The film you see is made from 100% 35mm stills which I shot off the screen: I used about 100+ rolls which were all individually scanned. All effects you see in the film are physical workings of the negatives (scanner compositing, scratching, liquids etc). Given the logistics of shooting everything discreetly and also in the sea, the original footage was all shot on an iphone and a go-pro, with some addition animation using 35mm.

Anything Else?

Just let the tune sink in, enjoy the clip and take it as an opportunity to remember these guys’ exquisit art these days, from their latest Rave Tapes to their most influential ones and also make sure to check out the interview we did with MOGWAI last year. Oh, and: All hail ’em!