mothersday - tree houses


1. Intro
2. Peabody
3. Cannonballs
4. Shoulder Soldier
5. Champion
6. Grandma
7. Sweet Mates
8. Goa Trance
9. Rory Minus Methadone
10. Clyde Tombaugh
11. Motion Sickness


Baltimore trio MOTHERSDAY release their debut EP Tree Houses on August 31st. It is a folktronica album that was sequenced and mastered by Alex Somers (SIGUR RÓS). The pre-released single, Shoulder Soldier, was featured in Rex Manning Day’s “Top Indie Pop Tracks of 2012”, praised by UK’s Fresh Faves, and hand picked by Simon Raymonde (COCTEAU TWINS) to receive weekly spins on his radio show. The song Cannonballs, the LP’s second pre-release, was named “Record of the Week” by England’s Amazing Radio in February of 2013. The album Tree Houses was – as already mentioned sequenced and mastered by Alex Somers, partner of Jónsi from SIGUR RÓS, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

MOTHERSDAY‘s can be coined as “Folktronica” and compared to groups such as TUNGG, and ECHO LAKE, describing such as a “woozy bundle of anthemia” with “dream-like, almost 70’s vocals…”.

Now NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION brings to you the entire album stream of Tree Houses. Listen to the wonderful album below and spread the word about MOTHERSDAY.