Oh, iTunes, you did it again and spoiled the surprise. As various sources like DIY point out the artwork of the anticipated new MUSE album Drones was shown on the iTunes store yesterday. But, of course, it was immediately taken down. The same happened to FLORENCE + THE MACHINE a few weeks ago. Thank god, plenty of people took a screenshot. You can see the banner with the assumed artwork below.

The British trio has been constantly teasing the new record over the past weeks and months with mysterious Instagram posts and pictures. You can watch one of those clips below the artwork which documents the mixing process of a new song called Psycho. The track is rumoured to be the first single of Drones. So, hold on tight, we’re expecting the big announcement for the new MUSE album any day now.

Muse - Drones - Teaser Image

This banner for the new MUSE album ‘Drones’ accidentally appeared on iTunes yesterday.

Mixing #psycho to a VERY tight deadline #MuseDrones

Ein von @muse gepostetes Video am