New Order - Photo by Kevin Cummins

Photo by Kevin Cummins

Ever since wave/pop heroes NEW ORDER reunited with a new line-up in late 2011, the fans are longing for new releases from the legendary group. All we got since then was a live album and Lost Sirens, an EP featuring left-over material from Waiting For The Sirens’ Call, the bands last longplayer in 2005. But now it looks like we really can expect something in the future – although it is unclear in which form.

As frontman Bernard Sumner confirmed to the Rolling Stone in an interview on their current US tour, NEW ORDER are currently writing on new material and plan to record it soon. “We’re coming out in small bursts and writing in small bursts at home – so we’re constantly here whether you like us or not, we’re here to stay” he joked. This might happen as an album but maybe also as a series of EP’s. Sumner hints a more electronic sounding record this time – anyway it would be the first NEW ORDER release without bassist Peter Hook who left the band in 2007. We’ll looking forward to this and enjoy the band’s recent Coachella performance of 1985’s The Perfect Kiss right here.