New Order - Restless - Video


Just in case you’ve been living under a rock… NEW ORDER are back. The legendary wave pop formation from Manchester is about to release Music Complete, their first studio album in ten years, next month and we can’t barely wait any longer for this to happen. Now, the band unleashed a sparkling music video for its lead single Restless.

Why Should I Watch This?

Well, not if you wait for an appearance by the band itself ’cause it is not going to happen. But besides that Spanish directors NYCU deliver something what you can describe best as ‘Excalibur on Ecstasy.’ It’s a 21st century update of the old King Arthur saga, featuring urban knights fighting in the strobe light and a slightly different round table. And in the end they all ride along the fields and wave the holy flag of NEW ORDER. What a weird but captivating concept, wouldn’t you agree?

Anything Else?

Music Complete is set for a release on September the 25th via Mute and if you’re still not familiar with the work of NEW ORDER yet feel happily invited to read NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s ultimate list of hidden musical treasures by the Mancunians.