Looks like the Oasis reunion won’t happen anytime soon

Oasis - 1994 - Kevin Cummins

Photo by Kevin Cummins

Remember that rumours about a potential OASIS reunion that came up a few weeks ago? Well, turns out that they were rumours after all and there never was such a thing like a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ which ‘The Mirror’ reported about back then. Now, it looks like the Gallagher brothers are back on a less friendly path. First, Noel stated in a new interview with Rolling Stone Magazine (as pointed out by The Mirror… again): ‘There was a rumour last week that we’ve had a gentleman’s agreement, but that rumour’s come from his people.’ It was followed by the following Twitter reaction of Liam:

And since THE WHO were confirmed today as final headliner of the 2015 Glastonbury festival (a spot that was once rumoured to be taken by OASIS) it looks like we won’t get a reunion anytime soon. And in the case of Noel’s very good second solo album Chasing Yesterday there seems to be no point in it anyway… well, at least for now.

Little Boots announces new LP ‘Working Girl’

Little Boots - Working Gril - Artwork

British electropop singer Victoria Hesketh aka LITTLE BOOTS announced details of her long awaited third album. Working Girl is the name of the follow-up to 2013’s Nocturnes and it is set for a release on July 10 via her own imprint On Repeat. Last fall LITTLE BOOTS already released a new EP called Business Pleasure. According to the press release the new album ‘contemplates our hyper-active, paranoid and posturing modern world, punctuated with massive dancefloor beats.’

Hesketh on the release: ‘The album’s inspired by my journey from the beginning to the present, where I am essentially CEO of my own business and run an independent label.’ You can already listen to a first track, Better In The Morning, right here.

Hisser unleashes ‘Shifter’ video

Hisser Photo

Remember HISSER? The charismatic alter ego of DISCO ENSEMBLE singer Miikka Koivisto reports back with a new music video for his song Shifter. The grooving track is taken off his forthcoming debut album which arrives on May the 8th. You might also remember the noisy ‘sex tape‘ he compiled for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION a while ago. The clip sees Koivisto spending a night alone in an empty gym, playing basketball or dancing alone. Well, or in combination with a fluffy friend. Watch the new HISSER clip right here.

Everything Everything premiere ‘Regret’ video

Everything Everything - Photo by Tom Johnson

Photo by Tom Johnson

British indie-experimentalists EVERYTHING EVERYTHING have shared the music video for Regret, the latest single off their upcoming third album Get To Heaven. Previously they already shared Distant Past off the record with us. The video is a wild and weird ride (which is quite impressive since the clip is barely longer than three minutes) and features a sort-of-cult movement. Don’t forget to read NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s interview with Jonathan Higgs from 2013. The follow-up to Arc is set for a release on June 15 via RCA Records. Witness the  new EVERYTHING EVERYTHING clip right here.