Nicolas Godin - Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde


While French ambient pop duo AIR are currently taking a break, the two single members are currently heading for solo adventures. NICOLAS GODIN is releasing his solo debut Contrepoint on September 18 via Because Music and it is inspired by the work of pianist Glenn Gould and his performances of legendary Bach pieces. We already had a first teaser in the form of Orca, now comes a second one in the form of Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde.

Why Should I Watch This?

Two words for you, girls and boys: surfing zombies. Now you got the basic concept of the new NICOLAS GODIN clip, directed by The Sacred Egg and produced by Riff Raff Films. GODIN in a press review on his new clip: ‘Fascination for temptation, how could that be illustrated? I didn’t have a specific idea and The Sacred Egg came up with that unexpected one. And the beauty of this video says it all to me: these magnified surfing zombies riding sensual yet menacing waves, the thrill of that dangerous ‘ballet,’ perfectly echo what the song is about: fatal attraction for forbidden pleasures.’

Anything Else?

Well, surfing zombies. Enough said. NICOLAS GODIN‘s solo record might be the perfect substitute drug for those waiting for a new AIR record, right. Enjoy the new clip via NOWNESS below.