Nicolas Jaar - Press

Has it already been four years? Although it felt as if NICOLAS JAAR never was away, it’s really been that long since the producer released proper solo material. In the meantime he’s been more than busy with his band DARKSIDE, their celebrated debut album Psychic and triumphant live shows all over the world. But now he’s slowly getting back into solo mode and prepares the world for the anticipated release of the follow-up to 2011’s debut Space Is Only Noise.

A first step arrives today in the form of Nymphs II, a brand new 12-inch single, out via his label Other People. The release features two songs – The Three Sides of Audrey and Why She’s All Alone Now and No One Is Looking At U – which were recorded by JAAR in New York City over the course of the past four years. And thank god, he also uploaded them both on YouTube as one single piece which totally makes sense since these two work really great together. It’s like 15 minute long flow to floating electronic sounds to give your week a well-deserved soft start. Trust us, you won’t say ‘No’ to that. Welcome back, NICOLAS JAAR.