Noomi Rapace by Aitor ThroupBeing an actor can be a quite tough job from time to time. Yes, forget about all the posh events or the proper money you can make out of it. Sometimes it’s about hard struggles and quite difficult tasks for your body and mind. British artist Aitor Throup took a very abstract way of portraying this. The centre of this little film is Swedish actress Noomi Rapace which you might know from movies like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or Prometheus).

In the ten-minute long flick we witnessed the charismatic blonde being sculpted by Throup himself. And believe us – it’s not as pleasant as you might think. At least during the process. But what makes this movie really hypnotic is brand new music by acclaimed electronic producer FLYING LOTUS. He provides exclusive music in the form of six previously unreleased pieces to the documentary. And the music really helps to let these images unfold their magic.

Witness the movie right here via NOWNESS.