Nothing But… Electropop  - Cover- 2013

“Nothing But… Electropop”



02. POLLY SCATTERGOOD – Disco Damaged Kid
03. MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY – Clipped Wings
04. SANDRA KOLSTAD – Titanic II (Oh How We Waited For This Moment)
05. DARK DARK HORSE – Ethics
06. BOTTLED IN ENGLAND – The Fire (feat. LYDMOR)
07. SOLDOUT – 94
08. KISSES – Funny Heartbeat
09. PTTRNS – Strong Talk
10. LITTLE BOOTS – Motorway
11. STRFKR – While I’m Awake
12. BODI BILL – Hotel
13. ASBJØRN – Bones Bad Bones
14. LCMDF – Douchebag
15. KARIN PARK – Thousand Lodad Guns (Pacific Alternative Mix)
16. LULU ROUGE – The Song Is In The Drum
17. MONOPHONA – Give Up


From shiny and sparkling to spherical and synthetic – NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is delighted to bring you a new installment of our free digital sampler series: “Nothing But… Electropop”.

Featuring a stunning amount of seventeen tracks this time, this compilation is intented to represent the diversified and complex variations of electronic pop music. You can also call it synthiepop but this might only limit the variety of sounds. Electropop doesn’t automatically imply superficiality or musical light fare – it can be something fresh and exciting, showing us new sounds and catchy melodies. Probably just one reason why this sort of music never gets out-of-date and celebrates its own comeback every couple of years. It’s just a big world of sounds and concepts that is opened to all directions, it seems.

And when synthetic pop music first came up in the late 70s this was pretty much the original intention. A counter movement to punk, full of artistic creativity and complexity, something that dared to be different and to be cool by being hopefully uncool. A stylish rebellion if you like to take it this way. And although within the next three decade the world got overflooded with quite a lot – and also partly very awful – electropop music, there seems to be no effective way to kill this expansive genre. Thank god!

“Nothing But… Electropop” celebrates some of our favourite artists at the moment who were brave enough to give pop music a few new – and partly also familiar – twists. Some of these might be more complex than others but you can clearly say that these artists put a lot of love and passion within these sounds. Artists like ASBJØRNwhose track Bones Bad Bones is both, emotionally catchy and experimental electronic. DARK DARK HORSE and their haunting Ethics are heading in a similar direction. Such artists show that you need to have a musical fundament to achieve such wonderful tracks. MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY bring an epic shoegaze-note to their sounds as much as a band like MONOPHONA from Luxembourg use electronics to give their solid songwriter fundamental more depth.


But there is also the other side of the story – great female electropop artists like SANDRA KOLSTADLITTLE BOOTS or KARIN PARK combine the aesthetics of catchy mainstream pop with intelligent songwriting and a certain attitude. Groups like KISSES and STRFKR bring pure disco pop to our ears with a lof of heart and harmony. Perfect for the string time. Same goes for songs like Strong Talk by German band PTTRNS or Disco Damaged Kid, an exclusive new track from the upcoming POLLY SCATTERGOOD album Arrows.

These electropop sounds bring so many facets into the wide spectrum of pop, so much to discover. Only one reason why NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is sharing this collection with you. The other – quite obvious – one is that it is just really good music that needs to spread around the globe. And this is exactly what we invite you to do – listen to it, download it for free, share the music with your heart and the world and please support the artists in any kind of way. It’s up to you how to do it, it’s an open field – just like the music.


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Sampler-Artwork by aorta loves you.