Olafur Arnalds

Icelandic dreamwriter ÓLAFUR ARNALDS wants to share the light to its whole beloved island for its new project, titled Island Songs. The idea of it is to travel to 7 different places on the island and to collaborate with various artists from its locations. The songs are going to be raw material for director Baldvin Z to express himself in one video for each songs. The project is starting today, and in 7 weeks, the end result will be a full album that will be released later this year by Mercury Classics, alongside a one-hour music film from Baldvin Z. About the whole thing, ÓLAFUR ARNALDS declared:

‘I always want to make everything sound perfect, but I also know that perfection doesn’t necessarily make for good music. So these projects grew out of an internal fight with myself, a need to create something spontaneous and improvised.’

This new project is the follow-up to 2013’s For Now I Am Winter and 2015’s The Chopin Project for which we had the chance to interview the man. We recomend the read to you, while you can also follow this new project – designed to be interractive in some ways – on its website.