Ønskeøen - Photo 2014Who’s in the mood for some Danish dynamite? We’re starting this week with a freshly launched new musical project from Denmark. And if you know NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION you know that we share a special love for music from that country. ØNSKEØEN is a brand new band, featuring members of such loveable acts like THE RUMOUR SAID FIRE, CODY and SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE.

And Baby Cigarettes is the group’s first track. An energetic piece of indie-rock that shares both – louder and quieter sides. And all in all it shows what great potential lies within ØNSKEØEN as they combine the strengths of their other musical projects in the best possible way. You can also grab the tune as a free download later this week as part of our upcoming Nothing But… Spring sampler. But now enjoy it for a first listening experience right here.