Ormonde - Press 2014On this Wednesday NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the return of a familiar voice. Well, at least if you were a fan of acclaimed dreampop/shoegaze band TRESPASSERS WILLIAM and their charismatic singer Anna-Lynne Williams. ORMONDE is the name of her follow-up project together with Robert Gomez. The duo is about to release its sophomore album Cartographer/Explorer on November the 3rd via Gizeh Records, following their debut Machine from 2012. All interested people can expect a certain late-night and narcotic quality from the longplayer and its ten gentle songs.

And it’s not just about Mrs. Williams right here, to make that clear. Gomez’ vocals mark a nice addition to her tender voice. Witness it today as we’re exclusively premiering A Grand Design, the duo’s new single. ORMONDE deliver a slow grooving neo-blues with this one, resulting in hypnotic six minutes that will instantly soak you into the band’s microcosm. You’re happily invited to close your eyes, turn up the volume and let yourself fall into this sound.