Peluche - Sin - Video


Amy, Rhapsody and Sophie are PELUCHÉ. The young three-piece from South London might be quite new to the scene but they are aiming big with their music. Sin, the latest single, is another proof for that. A smooth and laid-back groove with dub elements teams up with the lovely vocals to create something you could call it pop with a jazzy note. But in a very ‘high quality’ way.

Why Should I Watch This?

The video for Sin is of surrealistic beauty with the new PELUCHÉ track being the perfect score to the bizarre images. It’s about religion, sin, dead doves and a mysterious girl with bunny ears. And there’s also blood involved but also a certain beauty and sensual note. Director Thomas James and his team really did a great job on this.

Anything else?

The new single Sin will be released on April the 6th via RIP Records. And since it’s only the band’s second single after the already praised Ohio we can only assume what greatness will expect us on a potential first EP or album. You should have PELUCHÉ on your radar in 2015, that much is for sure.