Thursday - Selfie
It’s been five years since influential post-hardcore outfit THURSDAY played their final show as group before going into a more or less definite hiatus. But now, it looks like THURSDAY might be back – at least for one show.

Following rumours from earlier today the band announced that they’ll headline Atlanta’s Wrecking Ball Festival, taking place from August 12-14. The band’s singer Geoff Rickly on the reunion:

‘Five years ago, we found it necessary to end Thursday for reasons beyond our control. Earlier this year, we were able to reconcile all of our differences and spend time together. This is a vital component to what we loved about being in Thursday and we’re happy to say that we’ll be playing this show as the same line-up that began touring together on Full Collapse and jointly worked on every record since.’

It’s unclear yet whether this will result in a full tour but chances are likely that there’s more to come from the band. No matter what it is but something might happen soon and we keep you updated about it.