We can’t recall to have ever witnessed the beauty of a traditional wrestling match in a music video, at least not in recent times. Thank god, we got Danish folk rock group NOVEMBERDECEMBER who dedicated its latest clip to that scenery and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is more than happy to bring you the world premiere of this really lovely clip.

It’s been a while since we heard from the talented Aarhus-based lads (our Introducing Feature dates back to September 2014) but they haven’t ben unproductive in the meantime, releasing fresh music and working on a new album. Fire is another teaser from a potential second NOVEMBERDECEMBER full-length and it already scored 30.000 plays on Spotify.

If you happen to love uplifting and dreamy folk rock vibes in the style of FLEETWOOD MAC and THE WAR ON DRUGS, you’d better jump onto that bandwagon. Here’s what the band got to say about the wrestling scenario of their new clip

‘The song is about being dedicated to someone or something. It is about forgetting oneself and about a mad, destructive and wild infatuation. The video encapsulates the song by framing a man who is passionate and dedicated to his sport. The video is made by André Hansen and the idea was to create a story that evolves through a masculine character and to express his longing for someone or something while his dedication and passion for his sport allows him to forget time and space for a while.’

Witness it below.