Photo by Robert Winter.

Three-piece band WOMAN, Cologne’s new indie pop darlings, have all right to be contented. After an eventful year 2016, where they released their debut EP Fever and paid a visit to all of Germany’s important festivals and cities, they reconvened in Vienna with producer Zebo Adam to finish work on their long-awaited debut album. Happy Freedom, released two weeks ago, saw them succesfully venture into electronically enhanced, but organic-sounding funk-pop that has garnered praise throughout Germany. Now, following their already impressive video to Marvelous City, WOMAN report back with a new single. Control is another song off the A-side of their record and – in spite of starting out in a slightly melancholic way – features a catchy chorus and flamboyantly funk-driven guitar chords. Still, melancholia is nearly forgotten when in the last part of Control an euphoric guitar solo sets in that almost turns it from a smooth mid-tempo track into a vibrant dance tune.

The accompanying video clip premiering on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is literally equally colourful. Multicoloured geometrical forms, mostly spheres, make their way through monochrome spaces where they meet the avatars of the band members. The three musicians here emerge from and shatter into slices, morph into three-dimensional waveforms as their heads spin in a sea of balls. The band about their new clip:

‘The new video for ‘Control‘ features copies of our bodies lost in a digital factory. What if control is an illusion after all and we’re all stuck in some place way beyond our imagination?’

Until WOMAN decide to appear in their video themselves, watch their new clip below and let the Cologne-based band bring some shiny colours to the often grey routines of everyday life:

WOMAN’s single ‘Control’ as well as their debut album ‘Happy Freedom’ are out now via Asmara Records.