Rain City Riot 2015

First things first. If you are into deep electronic beats, RAIN CITY RIOT should be to you what techno parties are to Berghain. Hailing from Berlin (like duh!) and probably-kinda-obviously a fan of the motto ‘the analog is the new digital’, RAIN CITY RIOT has recorded a live set that will drag you into the dark, little corners of a sinful city where you’re trying to beat pack of evil, smarty-panty mobsters. Yup. Kind of an action game atmosphere. Where you’re the hero. Of course.

The music lifts you up with its multiple layers. Your pulse is raising, your heart is racing up. When you get the chance to wipe your sweat, you look around and you see RAIN CITY RIOT, your fellow sidekick who’s been playing wicked sounds just for you in order to give you all the energy needed to beat the bad guys. If anything he can promise, that’s cinematic and hypnotizing moody cheer. He steps up his producing game with this super special sound that you can almost touch. Somehow crystal clean and snappy, it folds and unfolds like dice falling on the baize.

We highly recommend you to take on the chance to see RAIN CITY RIOT live. Joined by a second member, the two gentlemen roll their sleeves and dive in deep waters. It’s ‘a fully improvised,hardware based performance that can cover the full spectrum and sonic force of house, techno and beyond. Focussed around cable laiden modular synth systems with heavy emphasis on dancefloor momentum’, they explain. It sounds very interesting and inviting. Don’t be surprised if you read their name everywhere anytime soon!

As for the vote of trust, RAIN CITY RIOT had the support of Todd Terry, Julio Bashmore, Laurent Garnier and Tiesto on his earlier releases. The bosses approve. Do you?