Rhye - 3 DaysThere’s nothing wrong with a subtle way of eroticism. And there’s surely nothing wrong about a certain sense of sensuality. Although there might be a lack of it in these accelerated and oversexed times. Robin Hannibal and Mike Milosh aka American soul duo RHYE would agree on this. They already did as theytold NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in an interview earlier this year. These two take things a bit differently. They want to find a new approach. Something with a bit more soul and substance, it seems.

Their stunning debut album Woman is the musical proof of this. A record full of heart, soul and sensuality. A delicious form of intimacy. Sexy without being too obvious – that’s the sound of RHYE. And their latest single 3 Days is another perfect example for it. “Stealing kisses in those misses within beats / Stealing kisses in those bloody sheets” – these are the words we are talking about. Perfect material to drift into the night.