The CureBack in February we reported about the upcoming new album by THE CURE, their first one in six years. Mastermind Robert Smith himself announced details of the follow-up to 2008’s 4:13 Dream. According to him the new album is supposed to feature songs that were recorded at the same time of the last album. The record is tentatively titled 4:14 Scream but it looks like Smith is far away from being happy about it.

As the singer now told XFM after THE CURE‘s recent performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall the new LP is ‘a bit of a sore point’. Smith on his problems with the record: ‘We’re in a weird predicament in that I’ve finished singing and mixing an album that was made by a band that no longer exists.’ He continues: ‘I’m not sure it happens that often. This band is trying to make an album with this lineup, and it’s an album that I’m tempted to make, that’s really different to anything else we’ve done.’

So far there are no details announced when the album can be expected. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION keeps you updated on this topic. Enjoy a classic in the meantime.