Royksopp - Late Night Tales - CoverSome things are better at night – especially music. There are a few samplers who managed to transport this feeling as well as the famous compilation series Late Night Tales. And as NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION reported earlier Norwegian electronic duo RÖYKSOPP are the next in line to join the series. The group will release its own compilation featuring 18 diversified tracks on June 16. The two Scandinavians are following their British colleques FRIENDLY FIRES and METRONOMY who did the previous samplers.

Since every artist got a different perspective on how to score the dark of the night it’s kind of interesting to see where RÖYKSOPP are taking the idea. One track we already know is there is their DEPECHE MODE cover Ice Machine – a collaboration with SUSANNE SUNDFØR. And another one is Daddy’s Groove, a brand new original from the band. And since it is the intro of the record it’s the most obvious choice for todays ‘Sound Of The Night’ on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.