Sarah P - 2014 - Photo by Bertrand Bosrédon

SARAH P. – Photo by Bertrand Bosrédon

Monday night might not be the usual time to misbehave but we’re pretty sure that SARAH P. couldn’t care less about this fact. It’s been a year since the former lead singer of KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS left the dreampop project to head for own creative adventures. After relocating to Berlin and working on new material the young lady with the delicate voice now returns with I Misbehave, her first ever solo track. She furthermore explains on her Facebook page:

As it is my birthday today and with the spirit of a 25 year old, I am sharing with you a first taste of what is coming up.
I recall my birthday last year and I can tell that all things have changed. I also changed. My music has changed.
I can promise you fun. And a little dance

And indeed, the new material by SARAH P. has not that much to do with the previous appearances on KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS‘ music. The singer unfolds a sinister piece of synthpop with quite a dark twist at the end. It might be only a bit longer than two minutes but it’s a promising first teaser of whatever we can expect from the talented voice in 2015.