Savages - I Am Here - VideoNoisy British postpunk band SAVAGES reveals the music video for I Am Here, taken from their stunning debut album Silence Yourself. And as the rest of the longplayer this track is a nerve-wrecking piece of rock and the clip shows the band in full intensity.

Director Joshua Zucker-Pluda on the new clip: “There’s a real emotional intensity to SAVAGES‘ live presence. I was interested in the idea that the band’s performance could be so powerful that it would leave a kind of psychic scar or echo within the performance space. That the sound could become interwoven into the physical structure and sort of “haunt” the building.” The result is more than just a performance. It’s also based on an experiment by composer Alvin Lucier from 1969 where the reverbs and echoes became sounds of themselves. Watch both – the actual music video and the resonant frequency recording right here.