Say Lou Lou - 2015

A lot of things can happen in two years. When NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION last talked with Swedish/Australian pop sisters Elektra and Miranda Kilbey aka SAY LOU LOU they were in the very early stages of their career, just finished their first live performances and also working on a potential debut album which was originally planned in 2013. In the course of the next months the sisters released a few more single following their smooth 2012 debut track Maybe You. In 2014 they signed a deal with a Major Label, released even more singles, played more live shows and still didn’t release a full-length record. Now, on April the 6th, the album Lucid Dreaming is finally ready for a worldwide release. Like for many artists in the big business, the way until their LP finally could see the light of was not an easy and smooth one. After parting ways with the major label only a few months after signing the deal, the two sisters are now enjoying complete artistic freedom.

So, a lot of things did change in those past 24 months and it was about time for a bit catching-up with the ladies to discuss the progress of SAY LOU LOU, Lucid Dreaming and whatever the future might bring for the Kilbey sisters.

If you compare yourself now with the time back then… what are the main things that have changed in the meantime?
We have gotten to know ourselves and the project much more, what we want and what we don’t want. It’s been a journey with lots of good lessons for the future.

You first teamed up with a major label for ‘Lucid Dreaming’ and then parted ways again a few months ago. What went wrong?
We had different visions for where the project was going, and we felt that we would do ourselves and the record a huge favor by releasing it ourselves and having creative control. We are SO happy that we came to that conclusion, we are so relieved and excited for the future.

So, creative freedom is important for you, right?
It’s everything.

Back then you said you don’t want to put our music just for the sake of putting it out. I assume that didn’t change over the years. Are you perfectionists?
Yes, in some ways. We just believe in quality over quantity and that we want to feel proud and happy with what we put out.

Before deciding for a career in music, you thought about studying  psychology. That means a lot of stuff about human psyche. Why exactly this direction?
We never had time to study at university, we only just finished high school when we started. However we wanted to study psychology and social anthropology. We are very interested in humans and our relationship to culture and society.

Say Lou Lou - 2015

Over all this time SAY LOU LOU kept their sense for style and a certain visual aspect alive and coherent. ‘Aesthetic and vibe is important, but second to what we are trying to do with the actual music,’ the two sisters told NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, ‘It should only complement and enhance what’s already there.’ Still, the duo is not just about the looks but mostly about those songs. Lucid Dreaming can stick up to the expectations. Prepare yourself for a big load of catchy and well-produced pop gems. It’s a mix of light synth-tunes with a perfect portion of pop. Smooth and clear, without trying too hard to sound independent and cool. SAY LOU LOU are looking for a perfect pop formula, something with confidence and dignity that follows the footsteps of legendary pop pioneers before.

You released plenty of singles leading up to the release of ‘Lucid Dreaming.’ What can listeners expect from the rest of your debut album?
Well, five new tracks and two deluxe tracks! Stories from our lives and lessons that we’ve learnt.

In an interview you have stated you are excited about touring in the USA ‘because everyone wants to say something, wants to be heard’. How important is a certain message through music?
If you have a following you have a voice, and if you feel strongly for something then you should use it to spread your message. No point in doing it for doing its sake.

Any current artists you would recommend?

Any thoughts on the recent MADONNA comeback? Is that still necessary?
She does her thing, we respect that. Cudos for a legendary career that keeps going.

With ‘Lucid Dreaming’ now finally out: does it still feel like the start or are you also a bit relieved to start working on new music?
It feels like a start of a new interaction with our audience, for them to hear more material and for the live shows to go somewhere new. But we also feel excited to start writing and working in the studio again.

What are your hopes for the rest of 2015?
Tour America, meet lots of interesting people and find lots of inspiration to make a second record.