Saint Lou LouAlthough Swedish dream pop duo SAY LOU LOU is currently working on their highly anticipated debut album the two ladies found time to record a quite special cover. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards from Australian psychedelic rock band TAME IMPALA was one 2012’s catchiest songs so it’s no surprise that the ladies fell for it too.

The duo on their version: “We’ve always loved TAME IMPALA, not only because they’re a fantastic Australian band, but because it also hints at music we listened to growing up. There is something sweetly familiar and nostalgic about the music, yet still fresh and innovative.”So in the haze of the recording process SAY LOU LOU just recorded their own interpretation of the tune. It’s as dreamy as expected. More of these sounds will come on their first album as the duo told NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in an interview earlier this year. Listen to the cover right here.