SCARLET YOUTHIf you are into the melancholic vibe of 80s-inspired wave songs, please don’t click any further as we might have something for you. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION proudly presents the exclusive album stream of The Everchanging View by Finland-based group SCARLET YOUTH. The record is up for a worldwide release today via label Saint Marie Records, including two previously unreleased tracks. It’s the band’s second one after their 2010 debut Goodbye Doesn’t Mean I’m Gone.

And it clearly got this special feeling of a long lost longplayer from the 80s. The funky bassline, the wide synth patterns, the wave-like guitar play and the yearning vocals of singer Markus Baltas. It almost got a certain psychedelic appeal to it, with a decent shoegaze-appeal despite not having huge guitar walls. But it’s clearly music for everybody who’s into the vibes of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE CURE and others. SCARLET YOUTH invite you to drift away for a second, or at least for the duration of a longplayer. Join them right here.

Albumstream no longer available