Schwarz - Band Photo 2014

Shortly NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION premiered My Friend, the first music video by Swiss dark-pop band SCHWARZ. Now the that the band’s self-titled full length album gets released, the album stream premieres also here.

Schwarz - Schwarz - Album Cover 2014

SCHWARZ consist of the electropop duo MONPETITPONEY, Romain Siegenthaler and Antoine Kauffmann, and singer Danaé Leitenbeg (Projekt Virgile Crelier). The band’s first album was produced together with Julien Fehlmann (THE OCEAN, THE RAMBLING WHEELS, MONPETITPONEY). Live the band gets supported by guitarist Jonathan Nido (THE OCEAN, COILGUNS, THE FAWN) and bassist Donatien Thiévent (MEGA LÂCHER DE BALLONS).

Enjoy the Swiss supergroup’s self-titled debut-album below. Music to dive deep into another world.