Shearwater - Novacane

Make yourself comfortable for a sound of the night, that you could call quite a surprise this time. In honor of this year’s Record Store Day, the Sub Pop-artists LOW and SHEARWATER teamed up for a very special 7-inch, containing a cover of RIHANNA’s dreamy hit Stay performed by the slowcore-institution LOW and a stunning version of FRANK OCEAN‘s Novacane presented by the indie-folkers of SHEARWATER. Jonathan Meiburg and his band lately already proved to be very open-minded in their Fellow Travelers-project, in which they covered such diverse artists like COLDPLAY or XIU XIU, a.o.

This time, their version reveals how much depth there really is inside the shimmering R&B of FRANK OCEAN; plus, it opens up the gloomy, sarcastic world of his lyrics for audiences that are still unfamiliar with it. Thanks to SHEARWATER, Novacane develops into a slightly surreal trip through the night – lit by neons and lead by drugs and numbed emotions. Calm yourself down and get ready for a live-recording of this unusual yet mesmerizing sound of the night.