Sigur Rós - A Good Beginning

Beloved Icelandic superstars  SIGUR RÓS might take things a bit slower this year in terms of new music but it looks like they have a few surprises waiting for their fans. The first seems to be a reissue of their legendary 1999 album Ágætis byrjun which the band just teased with a mysterious little video entitled A Good Beginning (which is the English translation of the album’s title). Please note – the specific album re-release is not yet confirmed as we’re just putting two and two together here.

The video features old footage from  SIGUR RÓS early days around the release of the record while furthermore announcing ‘the first in a series of limited edition re-issues’ in the course of the near future. That’s all the info we got so far, for further information you have to enlist in the band’s mailing list via their official homepage.

The group’s latest longplayer, Kveikur, was released back in 2013. It is yet unknown if SIGUR RÓS work on a new album. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will keep you updated on the re-release – in the meantime, enjoy the teaser video right here.