Photo by Birgisdóttir Ingibjörg

Talented Icelandic artist Sóley Stefánsdóttir aka SÓLEY is about to return with new music this spring. Endless Summer is the name of the follow-up to her truly wonderful 2015 LP Ask The Deep. It is set for a release on May the 5th, 2017 via Indigo/ Morr Music. And while the predecessor was a bit more gloomy we can expect more hopeful sweetness on this one as she explain in a press statement

‘The idea for the album came pretty randomly one night in beginning of January 2016 when I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote a note to myself: ‘Write about hope and spring’. So I painted my studio in yellow and purple, bought a grand piano, sat down and started playing, singing and writing.’

A first single called Never Cry Moon was released together with the album’s release information. A second one arrives in the form of Grow which comes together with a music video that was shot with a lot of snow involved, something you might consider odd when looking at the album’s theme. Director Samanha Shay found her own explanation for it as she states: ‘I realised through this process that Sóley is the Endless Summer, conjuring her incandescence. So there she is, in the middle of the snow all on her own, dreaming of the warmth she creates to surround her.’

All new music is up for stream below.

‘Endless Summer’ – Tracklist

01. Úa
02. Sing Wood To Silence
03. Inbetween
04. Never Cry Moon
05. Grow
06. Before Falling
07. Traveler
08. Endless Summer


‘Never Cry Moon’