Stars - Press 2014

Photo by Shervin Lainez

To be fair – a Wednesday morning might not be the best time to discuss the aspect of going out on the weekend, but we’ll do it anyway. Canadian indie-pop institution STARS have been experts for this subject. Who doesn’t remember previous hits like The Night Starts Here and Take Me To The Riot? Now the band is back with another anthem dedicated to the nightlife.

The band’s lead singer Torquil Campbell on the new single From The Night: ‘I always find it so moving and beautiful to watch people have their nights out. There’s something so heartbreaking about it. People have jobs that they have to get up for, jobs they hate, and they live for the weekend; they live for these moments. And they put everything they have into it.’

STARS also just announced their new LP No One Is Lost for a release on October the 14th. How time flies – it’s already the band’s seventh studio album. And according to Mr. Campball the title of it is, of course, pure irony: ‘We are all lost, we are all going to lose this game and, as you get older, you lose people more and more. I just wanted to close my eyes and jump and hope that was true. Life is loss, love is loss. And loving people is about accepting that you’re going to have to say goodbye to them.’

Wise words – don’t forget to think about them when you try to make it through this day. Here to accompany you is From The Night.