Still Parade - HealthRecently, I was looking around on Majestic, on Youtube. Suddenly I found STILL PARADE, and I found myself thinking: Maybe this is it  – the next big thing.  A lot of unknown artists have started their fan base by having their tunes on Majestic, so why not? The sound could be described as dream folk: meandering electronic melodies with organic elements.  The funny thing is that at the time I found myself doing exactly the same as the 184 listeners before me had done: just laying in bed, listening to the song Actors  and thinking that in another part of the world, thousands of miles away a person was doing the exact same thing, thinking about life, the simple things in life. Since then, things have taken off and the Actor single has passed 200,000 views mark.

After three months STILL PARADE is back with another single Health, the other half of their forthcoming AA-side single. A melting electronic pot with marching snare drum raps, delicate guitar riffs and synthesizers. The vocals create an almost churchlike vibe. The AA-side single will be released on October 7th  by Akira Records, the label founded by Mt. Wolf’s Stevie and Bassi. We expect the same response for Health as Actors had, so remember – you heard it on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Health is Sound of The Night.