Sway Clarke II - Photo by Johanna-Maria Fritz

Photo by Johanna-Maria Fritz

What do you need to be happy? Well, it’s a simple question although it’s a quite universal one, we must say. Some need love, others are already happy with cigarettes and alcohol. Talented Canadian newcomer SWAY CLARKE II made a song about it. It’s our sound of the day and also the musical proof why you should have this lovely lad on your musical radar in the not so far future.

The currently in Berlin-based musician combines the authentic songwriting of traditional folk with the gentle sensuality of r’n’b. Like a more grounded version of FRANK OCEAN. The Berlin-edition if you want to call it that way. I Don’t Need Much represents the musical symbiosis at is best. Epic but still intimate – well, and quite grooving as well. Feel invited to fall in love with SWAY CLARKE II immeditately.