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To find a connection point with you, as you are very well read when it comes to music, Sydney Brown is the responsible one for the annual electronic festival Taico Club, in Nagano, Japan. This year’s lineup is quite magical, featuring some of our favorites, like Autechre and Monolake. If you pass by Nagano this May, we highly recommend this festival. It’s its 10th anniversary, so it’s somehow special, anyway. Sydney got us on our soft spot, but she’s not just organising one of the festivals that we’d do everything to attend. She’s not just that. She’s designing luxury handmade shoes.

Sydney Brown 2

After years of vegetarianism, Sydney came across an ethical dilemma. Leather shoes looked great, but they were against her life choices. What came out as a need, it developed as a passion. She worked really hard on finding out about materials and techniques that would lead to a top quality result. As for her designing style, it is inspired by her years in Japan. That explains a lot as Brown manages to emphasize more on elegance and simplicity and to create timeless pieces. The materials that she’s using are all innovative and eco-friendly. All shoes are made in Los Angeles, by artisans at her atelier.

Sydney Brown 3

This specific collection “mirrors the landscape, color and texture of Malibu’s El Matador Beach, a source of inspiration outlying Los Angeles, the city that Brown currently calls home”, as we’ve been told.

I don’t know about you but I find it all very inviting. I want to wear these elegant but comfortable shoes and climb on these rocks with the music of the crushing waves and the sea breeze.

Sydney Brown 4

Metallics, flatforms, metal heels, slide sandals. All that’s trending these days with a special touch by Brown’s hands. The shoes range in price from $400-$600, which is quite a luxury itself, especially during this period. On the other hand, you know that you’re going for the best quality and what is more, the sustainability of the product is guaranteed. So decide for yourselves if that’s something for you. I’m leaving you with some more beautiful photos.

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Find more about Sydney Brown’s shoes on her site.
All photos courtesy of Sydney Brown.