Ten Fé

Pop music culture is always one of revivals and repeating cycles. And since pretty much every subgenre had its inevitable comeback over the past years we can’t help but wonder what the thing is with a potential Britpop comeback? Great anthems, performed by ultra cool dudes who aren’t afraid of big gestures – that’s what we’re hoping for. Okay, it might be a bit too far off to label TEN FÉ ‘Britpop’ but there are certain elements in their latest single Make Me Better that remind us of bands like SUEDE.

Make Me Better delivers anthemic pop bliss with an uplifting spirit and a great hook, produced by influential producer Ewan Pearson who previously also worked with M83 and JAGWAR MA. Ben and Leo aka TEN FÉ are planning the release of their debut album for this fall and this tune works as a great teaser to raise the expectations.