TenYears-SinnbusWhen you managed to survive a decade in the wild and partly hard-to-take environment of the music industry there’s clearly nothing wrong about a little celebration. In the case of Berlin-based indie label SINNBUS this situation really fills us with joy. Only one reason why NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is presenting the label’s upcoming brithday party. Or should we better say “parties”? Four cities, five events – together with old and new friends.

Not only do the folks of SINNBUS live the old-fashioned DIY-spirit of a traditional indie label they also have a great taste in music. From electropop band BODI BILL, to the dreamy sounds of HUNDREDS or the epic pop of ME AND MY DRUMMER. The label is responsible for some of the most interesting bands of the past year’s. But as always, these guys are focussed on the future. And that basically makes the upcoming “Ten Years of Sinnbus” events to a celebration of past, present and future. Featured bands include RUE ROYALE, THE/DAS, LA BOUME FATALE, UNMAP and also a few surprises. Here’s the full line-up:

31.10. Hamburg | Uebel und Gefährlich – Unmap, The/Das, La Boum Fatale & special guests (tba.)
01.11. Jena | Kassablanca – Unmap, The/Das, Rue Royale & special guests (tba.)
02.11. Leipzig | UT Connewitz – Unmap, Rue Royale & special guests (tba.)
02.11. Leipzig | Distillery – La Boum Fatale & special guest (tba.)
07.11. Berlin | Heimathafen Neukölln – Unmap, The/Das & special guests (tba.)

Can we count on you? We’ll be there and you should too. That’s the kind of celebration we’d love to attend. Watch a trailer for the event series right here as well.