The Antlers - Kettering - Live


Without any doubt… Familiars by THE ANTLERS was one of our favourite albums of the years 2014. A silent but powerful masterpiece that shows the band around lead singer Peter Silberman from an even more intimate side. And experiencing it live makes it even better. Thank god, the band will release a concert album called Live In London soon and is now teasing us with the stunning live version of one of their classics.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because these five minutes truly show the magic that THE ANTLERS are able to spread when they perform together. Slowly but steady they build up a musical monster and turn Kettering, a song from their 2009 album Hospice into a really stunning experience. A hypnotic, progressive and really touching experience. Just take your time and enjoy it below.

Anything Else?

Live In London will be released on June 15 via Transgressive Records and should work as a perfect introduction to the back catalogue of THE ANTLERS. Mastermind Silberman also compiled a special ‘ambient’ playlist for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION last year. Check it out right here.