The National - 2013 - Photo by Dierdre O Callaghan

Photo by Dierdre O’ Callaghan

Right in time as US indie rock heavyweights THE NATIONAL are about to release their highly anticipated upcoming longplayer Trouble Will Find Me frontman Matt Berninger hinted that a planned split of the band within the fext five years is an option. The charismatic frontman told magazine The Grid in a just released interview: “I don’t know how long is healthy to be a rock band. We’ve been on for almost 14 years, so another five years might be too much.”

He furthermore stated that there already has been critical moments in THE NATIONAL‘s past years. “The band has almost ended here and there. I think we got past a lot of the ways it could have ended and ended badly.” There are no actual plans yet, but it looks like Berninger also enjoys the current good mood in the group: “I think we’ve learned to love and respect each other now … I don’t know if that means we’ll stay a band for a lot longer– but for a little while, at least.” So, there is sill hope for more in the future. The new album Trouble Will Find Me is out next week, enjoy the single Demons right here.